Let's talk money.

The Invested Difference

If you’ve met with InvestEd, there’s a 50 percent chance that you became a client and are on a successful track to financial well-being. For the rest that are not, we won’t fault you for it, *smile* it could be you just weren’t ready or we just need to be better at connecting the dots for you. As we approach our 5th birthday, we inevitably reflect on all the hours our staff has put in to get to this major milestone; all the seminars that were created and presented to help form a more financially educated community and the countless conversations that were articulated in order to inspire hope, understanding and to be a catalyst for strategic financial action. We’ve done our due diligence in this regard, but we strive to continue to get it right and bring more people into the fold so that they too can have the same peace of mind that so many of our clients do after getting their financial planning squared away and getting confirmation about their financial wellness status. If you don’t know, you will. We’re InvestEd!

Fiduciary Standard

Hearing that we are a fiduciary is one of the first things you’ll learn about InvestEd. You may have heard the term at nauseam by now, but if you haven’t, that probably means you’d be doing yourself a great service to get to know us. As a fiduciary, InvestEd is required by law to work in the best interest of its clients. We live this coat of truth and transparency in the seminar room to the client meeting and everywhere in between. As a firm with a collective 75+ years of advising experience, we know what the common misconceptions about investing are, what people do when they are trying to make fast cash in the market and have heard all kinds of lifestyle goals people hope to achieve by investing. That same experience paired with the Fiduciary standard equips us to listen with compassion, guide with a tact and insight, and advise with objective interest. You are responsible for dreaming and establishing all the goals you have for your life, but as a Fiduciary we wear the white hat and fight the good fight to work with you every step of the way and help manage what’s important to you.

No Minimums

We’re not the big brokers of the world looking to ignore anyone who doesn’t have $100K+ to invest. There is a large wealth gap in this country and in varying degrees when gender and race get thrown into the mix. Knowing this and how limited the access to viable and affordable financial services is to most people below this bracket, it became our mission to remove minimums as a barrier for starting to invest. People have been taught that only the rich have access to investing, but we’re here to say that’s not true and you can have your piece of the American investing dream as well. Start small or go big if you’ve done some adequate saving and have some cash you can put into the market. Our advisor can take a look at your financial situation and see how much you can possibly start with. There’s no time like the present, and having InvestEd by your side to provide clarity on how you can get started based on where you are right now financially is an investment that will always bear great professional relationship returns.

Fee only: .95%

When it comes to managing a portfolio, there can be a lot of fees involved. With a brokerage firm, you have a fee every time you choose to buy and sell, there could be fees for the type of funds you choose, fees to manage it, inactivity fees, annual fees and more. These add up and affect your returns. If you’re not paying attention to things like this, you’re missing an important part of your investment picture. InvestEd cares about your investment and wants to see you keep more so that you reach your goals sooner; that is why we are a fee only Registered Investment Advisor. We’re transparent about what you pay and that rate never changes. We charge only .95% of your initial investment and take it out on an annual basis. For that you get objective advice, a fiduciary advisor to call on whenever you need it, access to free financial education and investment management services. You might be able to achieve the same ease of investing on your own through an app, but you miss the individualized, in your corner advising that is special at InvestEd; and that’s hard to come by!

Financial Education

We want to create a community of smart, competent, and confident financial warriors. The US school curriculum don’t prepare young people to be financially well-adjusted adults, and if the education isn’t happening in the homes, we’re left not knowing how to reach out full financial potential until we take action ourselves to learn. InvestEd weaves financial literacy in everything we do making sure our community has the basic understanding of common financial topics and can make informed decisions for their present and financial future. If you have a question, concern, or interest, we are here to help and bring clarity to the daunting world of finance. That feeling of knowing you need to take care of your finances, but just haven’t pinned yourself down to get it done is a hint that you may need to take another look at your financial literacy. If you knew exactly how much it was costing you each day to not have a clear financial plan, not sticking to a budget, not having goals for your money and not investing, you would have made moves yesterday. But we get that finances are a touchy subject and we’re not here to judge; we just want everyone to be on a level playing field to be able to understand how money works and how it can work best for them. Our virtual education door is always open and supporting people towards complete financial understanding will never change.

To bring it all together, InvestEd wants to bring the best service possible to anyone who has ever wanted more for their lives and is looking to create financial wellness through education and investment opportunity. Are you feeling stuck financially? Are you ready to make changes so your life reflects the version you’ve always wanted in your mind? Then let’s get it done! If you can see yourself doing more with your money, we want to help! If you have long term goals and dreams, we want to get you there. We’ve been working to change the financial and investment advising landscape for the last five years and we won’t stop as long as there are people who need our services and want to create better financial situations for themselves. Make your move! Come experience the InvestEd difference!