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    Uncertain times require patience and education. Financial Planning help.
    By INVESTED , Jun 13, 2022
    Ways to organize your finances!
    Ways to Organize Your Finances
    By GENTI CICI , Jun 2, 2022
    “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail” quote is accredited to Ben Franklin, one of America’s Founding Fathers. It has stood the test of time, and yet again, many people do just that, fail to…
    Understanding & Managing Debt to Your Advantage
    By GENTI CICI , Apr 21, 2022
    In a debt-based society like the US, understanding debt, its power as well as its shortcomings are key to the overall financial planning and your personal finance. Debt surrounds us everywhere,…
    Our thoughts on the recent stock market movements (January 2022)
    By GENTI CICI , Apr 4, 2022
    For whomever follows the stock markets closely (like us) you may have noticed that the markets have gotten more volatile in the recent weeks, and somewhat down 9-10% from the market highs established…
    Ways to Cope and Recover from Financial Loss
    By GENTI CICI , Mar 28, 2022
    This topic can be very broad by its nature, and also what we mean by ‘financial loss’, so let’s narrow it down a bit. There are mainly 2 types of financial losses, a permanent loss or a temporary…
    8 Common Misconceptions About Investing
    By GENTI CICI , Mar 1, 2022
    There are many misconceptions about investing that mainly come from poor financial literacy but also from what is often portrayed out there as “magic bullets” for investing. You ask several people…
    Discussing and Combining Finances in a Relationship
    By GENTI CICI , Feb 1, 2022
    Relationships- they’re complex to start with, and they can get even more so when money is involved. Actually, money is the number #2 leading cause for divorce, right after infidelity. The more you…
    How to Prepare Your Finances for the New Year?
    By GENTI CICI , Jan 4, 2022
    Think where you are, and where you want to be
    Start Tax Planning before the End of the Year
    By GENTI CICI , Dec 1, 2021
    There’s still some time left
    How to Make the Most of Your 401k
    By GENTI CICI , Oct 29, 2021
    What’s a 401K?